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Guludo is a small, barefoot lodge in the Quirmbas National Park, perfectly positioned to provide accommodation that shows off the very best of Mozambique. Our Bandas provides everything you need and nothing you don’t. With high roofs, gentle sea breezes, beach views, alfresco en-suite bathrooms with a stunning “loo with a view”; the perfect setting to relax and discover this unique location. Now with a completely local management team, expect to get to know your barman and local life in Northern Mozambique.


Adobe Bandas Our beautiful adobe bandas have been hand-built by a local workforce and design by award-winning architects Cullum & Nightingale; combining the best of traditional techniques with clever design features and eco-technology to provide the ultimate in barefoot luxury. Each banda is just footsteps from the beach. The large double doors and window create a natural fusion of the in and outdoor spaces and a feeling of openness.   A large high roof opens upwards and outwards, covering the spacious the stylish Swahili-inspired veranda, hammock and traditional beach sun loungers. The design takes advantage of the gentle sea breezes, ensuring the banda stays cool, day and night. Inside is a discrete suttered window (reminiscent of a castles’ arrow slit or lancet) sits above a writing desk, where the morning tea, coffee and pastries are left. The sleeping area is on a raised platform boasting a lavish king-sized bed under an extravagant, hand-crafted mosquito net; ensuring the most is made of the dazzling sea views. Behind the bedroom is a large open air bathroom with twin sinks and mirrors, ingeniously carved out of the banda wall. A huge shower completes a zen like space from where you can relax, unwind and shower under the canopy of bright stars. Positioned to the side of the private bathroom and up a small staircase is one the best views in the lodge… the view from the eco-loo! Stable door style shutters allow you to decide on just how proud you want to whilst enjoying the view!” Beachfront Banda Suites Our Banda Suites consist of two adjoining Adobe Bandas; one a bedroom and the other a lounge. The buildings are linked by a covered pathway forming a courtyard between them. Similar to the Adobe banda, it has all the same great design features yet more than the double the space. A spacious lounge with a mezzanine “”snug”” is across a covered walk-way from a beautiful bedroom with views over the beach. Between the two buildings lies a courtyard behind which is a large bathroom with one of our famous “”loo with a view.””For families, the lounge can be converted to a second bedroom, with two beds up on the mezzanine level and the long stretching sofa can convert into either 3 or 4 more beds if needed. “


Lighting: Guludo is one of the few eco lodges that do not have electricity, making it extra special; lighting is provided by paraffin and solar lanterns. Electricity: Recharging of electronic devices is possible in the office via a small generator. Wifi: Internet is not available for guest use at the lodge; however access can be arranged if required for an emergency d to do essentials such as online check-in. Water:  Running water is not available but the ingenious showers and hand washing machines are regularly replenished by the housekeeping staff. WC:  Our famous “Loos with a View” are twin-chambered composting toilets which are clean and odourless.

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Snorkeling  Scuba Diving  Whale watching

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