5 Adventurous Things to Do In Mozambique

When it comes to taking a holiday in Mozambique, you can look at it one of two ways; either you go on a whirlwind adventure holiday that is filled with tons of outdoor, spontaneous and thrill-seeking activities or you whisk your lover away and go on a romantic, relaxing and rejuvenating island getaway for two; either way, Mozambique certainly knows how to cater to everyone needs!

To top it all off we have some incredible accommodation packages to make your stay just that much more!

We’re so excited to share some of the activities Mozambique has on offer for you so let’s just get right to it shall we?


Scuba Diving:

We’re not sure if you’re fully aware but Mozambique has some of the most pure, intact and untouched eco-systems in the world. It’s no wonder it is said to be one of the top diving destinations in the world.

With remarkably unspoiled coral reefs and an abundance of marine life you can’t go wrong. Scuba Diving in Mozambique is an all-year round type of activity that offers varied itineraries. Barracuda, Manta rays, Moray Eels, Sharks, schools of Kingfish and giant Lobsters are just a few of the spectacular species you’ll be exposed to underwater whilst above the ways schools of Dolphin are always frolicking nearby.

Speaking of Dolphins…


Swim with Wild Dolphins:

Experience the absolute thrill of swimming with wild Dolphins from Ponta de Oura in Southern Mozambique.

You will be accompanied by Researchers who have been studying the Dolphins for years allowing you to learn more about these intelligent and playful mammals.

Mozambique’s crystal clear water allows you to submerge yourself in an underwater paradise that provides a perfect environment for Dolphins and humans to engage. Enjoy your time in Ponta de Oura even further with our accommodation packages.

Mar E Sol (Self-Catering): Situated in a dune forest just above the bay in Ponta de Oura; Mar E Sol is the perfect place to bring the whole family and enjoy a fun-filled family vacay all the while providing you with a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Apart from swimming with the Dolphins, there are a number of other activities available in the bay area for you to enjoy.

Maresol Beach

Ilha de Mozambique:

A stunning island just of the coast of the main land, Ilha de Mozambique is a must see!

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the island is about 3Km long and roughly 500m wide with a number of historic sites for you to see. From a chapel that was built in 1522 to a 16th Century stone Fort, Ilha de Mozambique is a must and we have the perfect accommodation package available to you!

Villa Sands: Situated in Ilha de Mozambique, Villa Sands is a picturesque piece of architecture that fits into the historic and colonial look and feel to the island.

With an ocean front location Villa Sands offers an idyllic boat trip for its guests along with a variety of water sports, charming picnics or sunset bird tours and a seafront terrace with swimming pool! Alongside all this there is a beautiful restaurant, bar and seating areas for your to enjoy.

Villa sands

Sailing in a Traditional Dhow:

Sailing in a traditional Dhow is a fantastic way to sight-see and explore an area that is considered one of the most untouched locations on earth.

Dhow sailing is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of transport in Mozambique that is still used today.

Fill your holiday with a bit of sun, sea and sand and enjoy crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean with an abundance of marine life and picturesque beaches. A Mozambique Dhow Safari combines adventure, history and culture all in to one sensory filled adventure giving you time to truly relax and take everything in.

Maputo Elephants Board:

The Maputo Elephant Board is an unspoiled region of vast, rugged and absolutely breath-taking beauty.

The Maputo Elephant Board is an area that should be visited with 4X4’s only. The reserve forms part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area, a collective of National parks from South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland. The park has over 200 elephants in it and visitors are allowed to drive on trails through the bush, marshes, grasslands and forests that the park is home to. Not only do you experience the magnificent nature of the elephants but the park is also a must see for avid bird-watchers.

Close encounters with the elephants provide a thrilling and serene experience that is certainly not to be missed and what’s more we have the most magnificent accommodation package to go with it.

Serena Polana Hotel: Situated in the heart of Maputo, the Serena Polana Hotel has been considered one of Africa’s most prestigious hotels with a variety of amenities available to its guests such as the Maisha Spa, swimming pool, extensive gardens, a beauty salon, gift shops and more.

Bask in the regal ambiance all the while enjoying the relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere that the hotel provides.

Serena Polana Hotel

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Guaranteed to leave you with stunning memories of the beautiful surroundings and friendly locals, your Mozambique holiday will have you enjoying mouth-watering cuisine and experiencing the lush white beaches that are characteristic of this inviting paradise.

This exotic country is the ideal holiday destination, with activities such as snorkelling, sunset cruises, horse-riding, dolphin tours and scuba diving all set to keep even the most hyper holidaymaker occupied.