Indian Ocean Islands In Winter

The Indian Ocean Islands are several islands that make the most exquisite destination holiday all-year round! Yes, you read that right, all-year round. If you aren’t very familiar with the Indian Ocean and the islands that inhabit it then you are in for a real treat!

With this in mind let’s look at a few of the islands and their weather patterns, shall we?

During the summer months some of the islands experience a brief rainy season which is essentially a norm for South Africans. Bazaruto (Mozambique), Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles experience mostly exceptional weather year-round (January, February and March are the exception with them being deemed the common wet months of the year.)

Although the above information is insightful, our focus of course, are the Mozambican Islands.

Mozambique Beach

Known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, boasting pristine beaches with a string of idyllic tropical islands that shimmer like jewels in the warm, azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Mozambique is our number one choice when it comes to year-round holidays destinations! Soft white sandy beaches that are dotted with coconut palms are what you can expect to see when visiting Mozambique.

Having always been an exclusive destination due to many of its islands and mainland beaches being isolated and secluded. Mozambique will definitely turn out to be the ultimate escape when it comes to destination holidays!

The Mozambican coastline stretches for approximately 2000km and his home to a tropical ocean current that runs north to south along its length for the entire year. Most of the country follows the same weather pattern as our beloved South Africa meaning there are summer rains that fall mainly between December and March, however, this is generally brief and the sun will most certainly come out again! Since Mozambique lies in the rain-shadow of Madagascar, it experiences relatively low annual rainfall, and is protected from the tropical storm and occasional cyclone.

With all of this in mind there is no better time to plan a Mozambican Island holiday what with the rainy months for the year out of the way, a destination holiday sounds like the perfect mid-year break. What’s more, we have got the most perfect holiday destinations and packages available for you to enjoy. Choose from none other than:

– Ponta de Ouro: capturing every essence of Mozambican holiday luxury
– Maputo: The capital of Mozambique is a hub of culture filled with fresh cuisine and countless shops filled with local treasure
– Gaza: An ideal spot for the adventurous traveller
– Inhambane: Home to tropical reef areas that will blow your mind
– Vilanculos: Gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago consisting of 6 islands and is a place of incomparable beauty
– Benguerra Island: Home to a variety of animals, bird and plat life with lush forests and exquisite landscapes that are simply incredible to behold
– Bazaruto Island: An unexplored destination of great beauty
– Magaruque Island: Relaxation, seclusion and natural beauty are words that describe this well-known hotspot
– Sofala: Game drives at dusk or dawn and hikes to the pristine waterfalls will not disappoint
– Nampula: Known for its unique atmosphere and culture
– Quirimbas Archipelago: If you’re looking for complete exclusivity and natural beauty then the Quirimbas Archipelago is perfect for you
– Niassa: Here you will find Lugenda Wilderness Camp; Africa’s largest conservation area

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Guaranteed to leave you with stunning memories of the beautiful surroundings and friendly locals, your Mozambique holiday will have you enjoying mouth-watering cuisine and experiencing the lush white beaches that are characteristic of this inviting paradise.

This exotic country is the ideal holiday destination, with activities such as snorkelling, sunset cruises, horse-riding, dolphin tours and scuba diving all set to keep even the most hyper holidaymaker occupied.