Top 3 Eco Lodges In Mozambique

Eco is a term directly related to the notion of being “Eco-friendly” or doing something that does not harm the environment in anyway.

It’s a term given to a number of unique Lodges throughout Mozambique for their work in conservation and their facilities having eco-friendly amenities, architecture and more.

It is a term that Is fast-growing as many people begin to adopt a natural and eco-friendly lifestyle in order to help our planet and the world we live in.

Eco Lodges are uniquely natural and picturesque in their appearance making them a real treat and a completely indulgent experience as so often they are designed purely for relaxation in the most exquisite places.

With this in mind, we thought we would share our top 3 Eco Lodges in Mozambique with you so that your 2018 holiday will be the most incredible one yet!

  1. Blue Footprints Eco Lodge

Blue Foot Prints Eco Lodge Resort

 Blue Footprints Eco Lodge is an exclusive lodge situated in the Barra Tofo area of Mozambique and is known for its incredibly private and tranquil, luxury accommodation. It provides the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding area; its bountiful marine creatures and deeply rich cultural heritage. Or, if you’re not one to explore much you can simply immerse yourself in the natural surroundings that the lodge has to offer and just relax!

Being that it is an Eco Lodge, Blue Footprints Eco Lodge is completely “off-grid” in order to keep their eco ethos intact! By this we mean that all of the electricity is generated by nothing other than Solar Power and the water used throughout the resort is pumped from a borehole that is completely crystal clear! it is quite remarkable.

Blue Footprints Eco Lodge is one of our favourite when it comes to romantic getaways with very few activities but plenty of picturesque, romantic views and scenery. The activities that you have available to you at the Lodge are as follows:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkelling, and
  • Sunset Trips

However, if you’re more into simply rejuvenating or enjoying a romantic getaway with your significant other, then Blue Footprints Eco Lodge is your number one destination of choice for sure!

  1. Azura at Benguerra Island
Azura Benguerra Star Bar landscape

Let’s make your 2018 holiday the most incredible one yet with these top 3 Eco Lodges in Mozambique. Click her for more information!Azura Lodge is next on our list; the country’s first luxury Eco-Boutique retreat.

Built entirely by hand in partnership with the local community, this luxurious and unique lodge is designed for the ultimate in pampering and privacy!

Located in Benguerra Island, which is famous for its unspoiled white beaches, remarkable dive sites and excellent fishing – making the surrounding area one that is full of beauty and local heritage – the accommodation at Azura Lodge is nestled along one of the last undiscovered stretches of beach in the world and boasts sparkling private pools, an exquisite African spa to relax in and so much more to stir your senses with.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

  1. Travessia Beach Lodge
Travessia Beach Lodge

The third and final Eco Lodge on our list is the magnificent Travessia Beach Lodge.

Travessia Beach Lodge is an Eco Beach Lodge that prides itself on being all about understated barefoot luxury – this in itself is enough to get us excited!

Nestled between dunes, coastal forests and coconut palms on the beach, Travessia Beach Lodge is sure to turn your holiday dreams into a luxurious reality.

The lodge itself is located away from the main road and is accessible enough for a long weekend break yet remote enough to still give you an instant cast-away type feeling.

Enjoy walks on the endless beach or relax in the shade of the palm grove before paddling out to gaze at the sea from the rim-flow pool.

Sophisticated whilst down to earth, with no-one around for miles, Travessia is for families, individual travellers and couples alike.

Are you ready to make your booking?

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Guaranteed to leave you with stunning memories of the beautiful surroundings and friendly locals, your Mozambique holiday will have you enjoying mouth-watering cuisine and experiencing the lush white beaches that are characteristic of this inviting paradise.

This exotic country is the ideal holiday destination, with activities such as snorkelling, sunset cruises, horse-riding, dolphin tours and scuba diving all set to keep even the most hyper holidaymaker occupied.